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Re: French Camp/Court of Peter I:The sales Tactic

It’s a tough call on the sales tactics of big box sets. I want to eventually collect the GNW sets and most confidently the two big box sets have all the ones that I don't have yet. I can get both on eBay much cheaper than buying the three sets separately at my favorite hobby shape, plus I get the bonus sets to boot. On the other hand, I already have all of the sets in the medieval big box set so to get the civilians, is very expensive so I’m not so sure. I agree it would be nice to get the bonus sets without having to buy sets that I may or may not already have.

My request for Strelets is that as the Russian civil war range is expanded, and I do hope you expand this range, is to have a Russian Revolution themed big box set. Some of the key personalities, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Rasputin, civilians and of course the Royal family would make for a great bonus set. I still want some sailor and/or Navel infantry too.

Best wishes

Re: French Camp/Court of Peter I:The sales Tactic

Excellent idea CC, I'd really like a RCW command set (foot and mounted to go with my armies.