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French Camp/Court of Peter I

After many years serching I managed to track down the French Camp set and they are now completed.

In addition I've also finished the Court of Peter I (just painted as varied early C18 civilians

Better pictures over on my blog


Re: French Camp/Court of Peter I

Dear Will

These are two lovely sets. A pity one is very scarce and the other is bundled with other figures. My favourite Strelets sets are lumped in big box sets eg the Valley of Death vignettes and wounded. The French camp would be "big boxed" now - a great shame. I am not sure if this sales tactic works; it certainly doesn't with me.
Anyway you have done them justice.


Re: French Camp/Court of Peter I:The sales Tactic

It’s a tough call on the sales tactics of big box sets. I want to eventually collect the GNW sets and most confidently the two big box sets have all the ones that I don't have yet. I can get both on eBay much cheaper than buying the three sets separately at my favorite hobby shape, plus I get the bonus sets to boot. On the other hand, I already have all of the sets in the medieval big box set so to get the civilians, is very expensive so I’m not so sure. I agree it would be nice to get the bonus sets without having to buy sets that I may or may not already have.

My request for Strelets is that as the Russian civil war range is expanded, and I do hope you expand this range, is to have a Russian Revolution themed big box set. Some of the key personalities, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Rasputin, civilians and of course the Royal family would make for a great bonus set. I still want some sailor and/or Navel infantry too.

Best wishes

Re: French Camp/Court of Peter I:The sales Tactic

Excellent idea CC, I'd really like a RCW command set (foot and mounted to go with my armies.