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Re: Sorry. Our error.

Thank you, S*R for your listening and responding. I think youz guyz are just trying to get even with us and testing us to see if we are really awake, on guard and watching. We passed the test I hope!

Re: mo34

what set is this are those ancent germans???? Please strelets realise this set to this is so nice .... add those masters as mystery set PLEASE

Re: Re: mo34

When we release our spring sets we will announce the next ones, including those figures.


Re: Re: Re: mo34

I hadn't even noticed that the pictures posted had changed - I just assumed that Strelets was doing what HaT did when they 'brigaded' their Roman auxiliary archers and slingers with German foederati.
(I still think that wearing the sword scabbard at the front between the legs is asking for a painful stumble... )