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Re: Re: S*R Contributions

Hi Head for the Guns Hank,

10 days, wow, I hope you have good painting weather. Sounds like most of your troops have landed - Great!

OK, you want me to commit a project. I can't paint, so all I can do quickly will be a Southwest Frontier Fort. I'll use my left-over lower towers and living quarters from my FFL Fort Zinderneuf project with a gate, and two Fort Apaches. I just checked and I have all the parts. A simple project anyone can do. Cross your fingers for me.


Re: Re: Re: S*R Contributions

GC thats the way to go. We americans gotta show the euro's who i steh best modellers in 1/72.

where are all the big shots who write in teh forums but we never see as much as dust from them no figures etc .I hope is not just all talk as they always have a plenty to say but no images.

Okay hurry up dude and get 'er done dawg.

Re: S*R Contributions

can you then make such diorama like ,, The last satnd of turk´´ turkis infantry surrounded bu russians ha ha

Re: Re: S*R Contributions

Ah like kalafat slistra citate fort st nicolis eupatoria ,,,rouskies git beaten and kick like mangie cur