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S*R Contributions

Thanks S*R for your postings to Contributions,

February was a banner month with heaps of great contributions and so much talent. Nothing less than professional quality.

Please keep it up.

Head for the Guns, Hank - I'm getting Turkish Infantry withdrawls from lack of blue Coats and Red Fezs. I'm hearing Drums and Cannons! :-)

Darios' Contribution is not only fun, it's stunning!

David, what is your next surprise? You are the expert on fine details. You, too, bring forth your excellent Scarlet Red Thin Red Line and Russian Green Mates. If you don't share your fine work, we'd be robbed of your talents. Sooner is better

Thanks S*R

Re: S*R Contributions

Hah Dave, the turks are trickling in 22 boxes i relax i need only three more for my comfort zone.i relaxed.
today i work balkan village. i need more trees for orchards on the outer walls.

I think i stay in 1853 until i paint them all, then think about Kars, Bashkadiklarski asiatic battles against rouskies etc

I have fort with harbor(see my spreadsheet)
town, camp ,bagagge should be good to assemble.
railway ho paddel boats look good.2 types one is 3 deck transport.

I think i know what S-R Want....if i play to the cameras i should have put Rouskie Infantry in photo not cossack infantry to reflect their box st903 set.
So i try another photo tomorrow , if i finish teh 48 turks tomorrow .then al 3 uniform types done(144 from first 4 box i get). I like landscape dio-dramams not portaits.So strain your eyes or use magnifier.depth compostion important. optical delight for me.

Re: S*R Contributions

Dear Dave aka GC

In radio parlance- wilco asap.

I have just put in an order for some Hat, Strelets and Zvezda figures. My local shop had some Strelets WWI Winter Russians so I bought some more of those.

I have also just got the Andre Jouineau book on French Army Uniforms in WWI vol 1 1914. It is superb, all colour and only £11.95. I am now waiting for volume 2 1915-18 (a less colourful period). 19th c. French army uniforms are very similar to those in vol 1 especially for the Franco Prussian war.

I fancy doing some medieval stuff next so watch this space.


Re: Re: S*R Contributions

Hi David,

I'll be keeping an eye out for your work. Both early and late WWI are interesting. Just like early and late Colonial Wars, the early bright colors looked exciting, yet the later subdued Khaki colors look excellent too, even in their simplicity, I love both the same.

Cheers! GC

Re: S*R Contributions

Hah GC,is an obsession now .but I have lost teh tulip on my camera but i find next week when i paint 10 days ,no is fun again.

700 Turks (you will see)now you know why i build teh tents. After theae are done its russians 2000 of them i do by ocktober. my last collection before exciting new project.

okay what you bring to table big mouth, chuckle

Re: Re: S*R Contributions

Hi Head for the Guns Hank,

10 days, wow, I hope you have good painting weather. Sounds like most of your troops have landed - Great!

OK, you want me to commit a project. I can't paint, so all I can do quickly will be a Southwest Frontier Fort. I'll use my left-over lower towers and living quarters from my FFL Fort Zinderneuf project with a gate, and two Fort Apaches. I just checked and I have all the parts. A simple project anyone can do. Cross your fingers for me.


Re: Re: Re: S*R Contributions

GC thats the way to go. We americans gotta show the euro's who i steh best modellers in 1/72.

where are all the big shots who write in teh forums but we never see as much as dust from them no figures etc .I hope is not just all talk as they always have a plenty to say but no images.

Okay hurry up dude and get 'er done dawg.

Re: S*R Contributions

can you then make such diorama like ,, The last satnd of turk´´ turkis infantry surrounded bu russians ha ha

Re: Re: S*R Contributions

Ah like kalafat slistra citate fort st nicolis eupatoria ,,,rouskies git beaten and kick like mangie cur