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Re: thanks, adam

thanks for the info on the anglo-saxon/viking war. very interesting subject. there's somethng about vikings that will always intrigue us. maybe it was those juvenile history books we started out with in grammer school. every school library had a couple. there's good scope for a diorama or wargame with these forces. thanks again!

Re: Re: thanks, adam

As I have the Saxons allready, the Vikings should be easily painted.


Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

I actually reenact the viking period- 1016-35 specifically, so if you need and tips on them give me a shout- I have replicas of neraly everything!

I made a dane axe to the exact same weight, shape and size of an original found in the thames- mounted it on a hand shaped ash shaft and guess what- it rings like a tuning fork!!!!

Its because the middle bits of the blade were so thin that they play a note!

Re: Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

So they had their own soundtrack in their battles like we have in modern movies now


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

probably a mix of enya and tubular bells!

more viking "operations"

About battles with vikings taking part in, you could also take account of more episodies
interesting for wargame or diorama:

-Clontarf: Irish king Brian Boru defetaed near Dublin. Viking, anglo saxon and pict/scottish( as celtic irishmen) figures can be used

-Viking raid on Paris: viking (with boats!!) fighting Carlomagne´s franks.

-Viking raids in mediavel spain: fighting the post-gothic christian ¡kingdoms of the Nort, or muslims in Al-Andalus

-Vikings in Vinland!!: you can use them as discoverers of the New World, and fight against some Italeri´s wood indians!!