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New Sets Disaointment

In and amongst the newly annouced sets, it is still another annual disappointment that the S*R Team can not put out the:

Crimean War: French Cavalry, or
Colonials: Highlanders 1898-1902

I feel like an old lady, use me, whisper into my ear, but I am now tired of your empty promises.

Take them off of your lists. Beleive it or not, some of us don't care about Romans.

Hmm - Dave H. :-(

Anybody else agree to disagree?

Re: New Sets Disaointment

And some of us don't care about Crimean War at all...
I like the choice of new sets.

Re: New Sets Disaointment


Strelets havent talked about these sets, so we dont know if they will be appearing in June, or next June, or whenever. Everyone seems to assume they will be next, but perhaps the French cavalry and Highlanders will be instead? We shall see.

Re: Re: New Sets Disappointment

I do have to agree that not everyone wants Crimean. In fact I have been spoiled with so many new sets. The new Russians are beautiful, as are the Romans. Somewhere in the Quarterly Six sets made, though, just one Crimean French Cav or the Colonial British Highlander set would suit me fine. The other five sets could be anything. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope they stay on the Futures list at least.

Re: Re: Re: New Sets Disappointment

I can understand that Crimean collectors are frustrated and colonial stuff will have a lot of popularity as it has only recently started to be produced, other than the few old Esci sets, but I love the new sets announced on PSR. For me the new Normans and Bretons will be great, I assume they will both be cavalry - A little plea, no silly poses of people drawing swords or using double handed weapons please. Hastings is now possible - all we need now is a nice accurate feature film - out of interest is Hastings and the Norman invasion very well known amongst the American general public? Perhaps some of the American contributors could tell us as to us Brits its an "every school boy knows this kind of thing" but might not be elsewhere.

Re: Re: Re: New Sets Disappointment

I think Strelets would be well advised to keep all their ranges going, and therefore everyone (fairly) happy. No one wants to see Crimean, or colonial, or any other range get dropped, but Napoleonics are a perenial favorite. With 6 sets per quarter Strelets can afford to keep everyone happy with at least the specific promise of set X by a particular date, even if it is not in the next batch.

However I also agree that they have a moral responsibility to deliver the sets they have long announced - at least one per batch. Teasing us this way is practically cruelty.

Re: Graham's question

I think Hastings is fairly well-known in the US, in part because the Norman Conquest had a major effect on the English language. The English Civil War is less well known over here but I think a lot of people have a basic familiarity with the HYW thanks to Shakespeare & Joan of Arc. I don't have any facts to back any of that up, it's just my general impression. Thanks for asking.

Unbalanced Crimean War sets

yes Dave, I'm Disappointed again and again.

There is no point having any CW Allied troops without the Turkish. Its the whole reason the war stared, and the Turkish presence was deployed throughout every area of conflict against the Russians.

The current CW Allied figures are not in equal opposiion to the Russian figures.
we have to wait further i sgetting boring.
No CW Allied Artillery (i'd hold as a joint priority).French Cavalry next.

Napoleonics ...are already more than well served by Hat (let them get on with it and focus on CW ).Nothing worse than seeing duplicate sets.

Re: Unbalanced Crimean War sets

Yes, of course, a set of Turkish is a must some time; very necessary ... can't wait till we are surprised with them. Overall, maybe next to Napoleonics and WWII, the S*R CW is one of the finest series ever produced in our scale and in plastic.

And it would be great to have some opposing allied artillery, maybe for seiges. I really like the Russian Naval cannons. Rolling wheels and all. I get all excited just thinking about the possibilities.

Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming!

Surely they will come

Hi guys,

everybody of us has other favourite periods, so we can not think that everybody wants to have Crimeans, Ancients etc (beside me ).

I would be glad, when (not if) Strelets keeps his promises as they did in the past (beside the early GNW Russians). I am also happy about more Normans, Romans etc.

With a good mix for all the ranges everybody is happy. For the Crimean freaks we have two new cavalry-sets which is quiet fair to me.

So go on with this mix and I would buy them all.


Re: Surely they will come

More than happy with the output from Strelets, both in terms of the quality and regularity. At least we are given some idea of what to expect and they then come through with some regularity. Compare them to Imex......

Don't rush them!

Re: Re: graham...1066

actually, every schoolboy used to learn that date in history in the u.s. even if you couldn't remember hastings true historical significance, you remembered the date. of course, nowadays, history books focus less on war and possibly more on economic and social history. Bah! anyway, i did a term paper on the battle of hastings in college and it's aftermath. (i examined the normans treatment of the anglo-saxons) and discovered the viking invasion just prior to hastings. Stamford bridge? that's the battle i'm fascinated by. now there's enough saxon and viking sets to do a great diorama of that battle. harald hardrada invaded england with 500 ships and the survivors returned in 25. now that's a defeat! and then, the saxons had to march all the way to hastings and fight the normans. so, yes, some americans are interested in that era, or maybe just me!

Re: Re: Re: graham...1066

Stamford bridge is good- but I wanna hear about Fulford-

Two huge Mercian and Northumbrian armies (many part viking) in a close fight with the Viking Army of Hardrada.

Probably bigger than stamford and hastings in numbers- and starts the chain off!

And on the subject of turks- O.K No CW turks, mmm there are no Naps turks either. come on we all have our favourites, but these guys run abuisiness they have to prioritise whats sells in volume

Re: Re: Re: Re: graham...1066

adam, were the mercian and northumbrian armies partially made up of danes from the Danelaw? were the Danelaw men loyal to Alfred or did they assist Harald? i can't remember reading about them in my research, but i'm sure they played a role of some sort. i'll have to research fulford. and was the stamford bridge wooden or stone? thanks for the input.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: graham...1066

Locals from the Danelaw seem to have fought for the Northern Earls (in turn fought under Harold- who was cousin to the Danish king Sven Estridson) Though the Northern Earls and thegns had always been more rebellious than the south because a lot of them were Danes.

I have no doubt that some must have joined Harald, but don'tforget he would have promised lands to his follwers, so the Danes, Norwegians, hiberno-Norse, Irish, Anglo-Saxon men who already held land here had a common interest despite their differences- keeping what they already had!

Stamford bridge was probably wooden and probably pretty small- we assume this as there is an account of a Norse warrior, Dane axe in hand, holding up the attacking Saxons and slaying many of them as the tried to cross. finally a boat was brought and the warrior was squewered from underneath the bridge between the boards or open sides of the bridge (were not sure but it seems more likely in either case to be wood)

the Norwegian invasion of england is a greatbook on this subject (by Kelly DeVries) but its a hard work read! It uses a lot of the norse sources which most books ignore 'cos the translation is harder!


Re: New Sets Disaointment

When people write about sets that they wish were made the issue always comes back to economics. you want Crimean War figures, while I have absolutely no interest in them, but love any and all Roman sets.
Would it be possible for sets of limited interest
(I know Crimean War is not limited interest), to have the buyers subscribe to a series or pre-buy the sets to guarentee that it is economically feasable to produce it? I don't know at what point the costs get too high to proceeed. Maybe the company could design a set and produce masters. Based on these they could take orders and if enough are received produce the set. I would think that, with x number of guarenteed sales a company would be eager to produce the set.
Again, I admit that I don't know the economics involved.
Ken More Romans! Kasenter

P.S. PSR is the first thing I check every morning.
Thank you.

An Excellent Idea

That's an innovative idea Ken and certainly worth considering IMHO (although I'm not an expert on the economics of the business, either). I think the main problem would be that the manufacturers would have to invest some money before people will pre-order (and put up some money of their own). Maybe one master to show the sculpting style and drawings of the poses would be enough. What do the others think? Perhaps 18th century Highlanders would be a good test case...

Re: An Excellent Idea

The idea is good, but does a manufactor sells his figures directly to the collectors without a dealer between?


Re: thanks, adam

thanks for the info on the anglo-saxon/viking war. very interesting subject. there's somethng about vikings that will always intrigue us. maybe it was those juvenile history books we started out with in grammer school. every school library had a couple. there's good scope for a diorama or wargame with these forces. thanks again!

Re: Re: thanks, adam

As I have the Saxons allready, the Vikings should be easily painted.


Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

I actually reenact the viking period- 1016-35 specifically, so if you need and tips on them give me a shout- I have replicas of neraly everything!

I made a dane axe to the exact same weight, shape and size of an original found in the thames- mounted it on a hand shaped ash shaft and guess what- it rings like a tuning fork!!!!

Its because the middle bits of the blade were so thin that they play a note!

Re: Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

So they had their own soundtrack in their battles like we have in modern movies now


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: thanks, adam

probably a mix of enya and tubular bells!

more viking "operations"

About battles with vikings taking part in, you could also take account of more episodies
interesting for wargame or diorama:

-Clontarf: Irish king Brian Boru defetaed near Dublin. Viking, anglo saxon and pict/scottish( as celtic irishmen) figures can be used

-Viking raid on Paris: viking (with boats!!) fighting Carlomagne´s franks.

-Viking raids in mediavel spain: fighting the post-gothic christian ¡kingdoms of the Nort, or muslims in Al-Andalus

-Vikings in Vinland!!: you can use them as discoverers of the New World, and fight against some Italeri´s wood indians!!