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Strelets: bravo! bravissimo!!

Battle of Hastings

I'm quite excited about Strelets new set and that is without exception. Romans, Battle of Hastings, Borodino...

The current status is that for the battle of Hastings we have Norman cavalry, Norman archers and a shield wall. We have Bishop Odo, but we don't have a figure of William himself.

We will get Breton knights, but still lack Flemish allies, unless you could use the Medieval levy sets as those.

For the Saxons, I don't know if we're lacking anything. We have King Harold and a lot of infantry.

Any thoughts on this? If Jenses is reading this, can we get a figure of William, please?

Figures in Borodino set

Great news. As I am working on my Borodino project I am curious about the extra figures. I hope they will be mounted personalities. Many of the major commanders are allready available but I am still missing Eugène de Beauharnais and Junot, and others. Off course Russian mounted officers would also be very welcome. I hope that strelets will give some more information soon :-).