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New Sets from Strelets

Dear Chaps and lassies
I have just received my Crimean Russian Dragoons and Uhlans and although my interstests lie with Post 1805.
i.e. Napoleonic, Crimean, Sudan and WW1 and secummed to temptation and bought the Roman Legion at March (I intend to make a Roman Harbour diorama and these chaps will be boarding a ship for foreign climes.
The Crimean Russian Dragoons are fabulous. I shall be buying a lot more; some will find their heads on other bodies as I carry out a few conversions.
But the really astonishing news is that on the side of the boxes is an 'Available soon:' list that includes SEVEN new sets that I shall certainly be buying. None of these sets are included on Strelets 'Futures List'
You must buy the March releases to find out what they are going to be.
Some of been on 'Wish Lists' for at least seven years.
Roll on June and Well done Strelets.
All the best

Re: New Sets from Strelets

Dear Murat,
Would you be so kind as to mention the titles of the new sets?
Thanks on advance.

Re: Re: New Sets from Strelets

PSR has posted the following list for Strelets upcoming releases: Norman Knights, Breton Knights, Borodino, Nap Russian Infantry (Winter Dress), Nap Russian Hussars (Winter Dress), Nap Russian Dragoons (Winter Dress), Nap French Grenadiers (Winter Dress). Wonder if last 4 sets are more 1805 or 1812?

Re: Re: Re: New Sets from Strelets

I wonder how different can Norman from Breton knights be.. i hope horses are nice this time
I expect It will give variety to the army of William, anyway.

Re: Re: New Sets from Strelets

Hello Marc
I was going to stay stum just in case Strelets wanted it that way. But PSR have now published the sets identities.
I will be particularly interested in the Winter Grenadiers.
Iwill also be buying the other Napoleonic sets including the Borodino set.
Have you seen the new HaT napoleonic sets? I have been waitig years for a Guard Chassuers set and now they are making one.

Re: Re: Re: New Sets from Strelets

Tears in my eyes beacause of this beautiful news. ALmost to good to be true: Norman AND BRETON knights (!!!!!!!!) and great that you retruned to Napoleonics!



Re: Re: Re: New Sets from Strelets

Thanks for answering.
I really hope those sets are réally wintersets; not just only long coat troops, but also with extra clothes for the cold russian winters.
And the future for nappy french lovers is very good with al those Hat sets!

Re: New Sets from Strelets

Hello Murat,

Since I first saw the Romans marching, I thought they might look good entering and exiting the Zvezda Wooden Roman Fort. And the other Roman Mini Sets defending the fortress from an attack. I have bought the fort and it looks nice! Good luck with your Roman Harbour diorama. Hope you send digital pics in to the S*R Contributions page someday. Here is a link to some pictures of it.

Strelets: bravo! bravissimo!!

Battle of Hastings

I'm quite excited about Strelets new set and that is without exception. Romans, Battle of Hastings, Borodino...

The current status is that for the battle of Hastings we have Norman cavalry, Norman archers and a shield wall. We have Bishop Odo, but we don't have a figure of William himself.

We will get Breton knights, but still lack Flemish allies, unless you could use the Medieval levy sets as those.

For the Saxons, I don't know if we're lacking anything. We have King Harold and a lot of infantry.

Any thoughts on this? If Jenses is reading this, can we get a figure of William, please?

Figures in Borodino set

Great news. As I am working on my Borodino project I am curious about the extra figures. I hope they will be mounted personalities. Many of the major commanders are allready available but I am still missing Eugène de Beauharnais and Junot, and others. Off course Russian mounted officers would also be very welcome. I hope that strelets will give some more information soon :-).