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A good balance if done right

Many, many months ago (or a few years), answering to the usual lithany of wishlists that regularly show up on the forum, you said you were not going to produce ancients. I remember that well, because I was hoping that you would. Well, your current releases list shows that you have informed well your customers, as you always do. Calling the choice of your production in the past as "policy" is apparently upsetting. I appologize! I further hope not to puzzle anyone with "lithany"!
However, your reply now brings hope to my soul.

I might have to make this statement:

To my best knowledge, "Strelets*R" never ever excluded the possibility of producing ancient figures in 1/72, but mentioned only at some time in the past that they are not going to produce ancients in the near future

Re: Heads up Strelets in reverse

I can't speak for the employment of sculptors ( you may be right) but as for the popularity of the 12 pose sets I can definitely vouch for these. True huge variation is nice for the really wild and woolly - my Celts include every manufacturer I can lay my hands on, but the periods that Strelets have chosen, whilst not uniform, did include tactical cohesion as expressed in the shieldwall and therefore this format is near perfect. For me, never having been a fan of the everyone different strategy of Strelets for many of their products, this developments liftes them to a new and very welcome level.

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

is strelets going town the toilet???

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

Hmmm... if these are scraps, they're the best scraps I've seen in a long, long time! I'm lovin' it!!


Re: Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

an excellent idea! now we can have rank and file units to mix with the highly individualized sets. bravo, strelets for offering the customer another choice for purchase.