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Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

Strelets continue with fudged public relations policy and throw their new products at their customers like scraps from a table. Its the worst release of a product from them yet.Its apparent Strelets have little respect for their consumers.

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue -- And I hope they will

I have to disagree, Hank. I'm intrigued by Strelets' "mystery figures" and think it's a great way for them to heighten interest in the figures, at least among the tiny fraction of their buying public who follow the website. And even though I swore off collecting anything pre-1500 a few years ago, on the theory that I could never keep up with my painting with all the new sets coming out, I may have to reconsider now that I've seen the Normans and Saxons. Strelets -- Keep doing what you're doing!

Re: Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue -- And I hope they will

I second that Peter. Keep up the great work Strelets!

Dude, lighten up!

Re: Dude, lighten up!

The Normans look terrific! More power to your sword-arm, Strelets!
Ian Bruce

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

I think that Strelets are doing a very good job of filling a market niche and I really cannot complain at their tactics of how they release information. If nothing else, it makes people return to the website again to check if there is anything new.
The website itself is generally short and to the point. The photographs of the products are first class and enable you to really see what you are getting.

Heads up Strelets in reverse

Turning back the clock i left metal wargaming figures due to the boring typical 4-5 figures per set.May as well collect parade ground 54mm's.

There was more options with plastics. Now it looks like both Hat and Strelets are cashiering in on the minimum production 12 riders ( repeated horses from prior released sets ) instead of 44/48 figures per set we now have 12 (thats a 75% reduction in figure manufacturing , which also sort of means a 75% increase in design profit ).

This will hit the few able figure designers there are. Not as if the price on these boxes is reduced is it ? Good business ethics but whats the long term cost ? Strelest PR sucks and it may be taking a BIG gamble going this direction.

I predict this will go 2 years then Strelets will sell out, if not before. Probally Hat will get involved if not already. Time will tell.

A good balance if done right

My concern is with the number of useful figures, not with the total number of poses. Four to five figures can produce a boring uniformity, but 24 to 48 can go to far the other way. Zvezda and others have produced some good sets with around 12 figures, and if more individuality is needed there is always the option of conversions.

The new format would obviously work well for more formal armies such as those from the 7YW. Another possibility would be Renaissance armies. More "uniform" ancient armies, such as Macedonians and ROmans might also lend themselves to this format.

Re: A good balance if done right

I don't see any problems with this idea at all. Sure we can have 48 poses, one of a guy pulling back a bow a 1/10th of the way, then one 1/4 of the way, another 1/3 of the way, then one picking his ear with an arrow, etc.etc.etc. The fact that a set has 48 poses doesn't mean that they are all useful. Or good. I think this idea is one of the best that Strelets has had, and I can't see them going 'down the toliet', 'to the cleaners' 'to the dogs' or any other inane comment. The idea clearly looks like a winner. As it is, if a sculptor only has to make 12 figures for a series, he can make a heck of a lot more series. I think the next 2 years will be hot.

Re: A good balance if done right

I hope Strelets would start doing ancients. We all know ancients and WWII are the most popular periods, together with napoleonics. They had a "no ancients policy", but I hope this would change with Strelets Mini. Another 1st in 1/72 plastics done by Strelets, is this format for depicting battle formations.
Far from sharing hank's apocaliptic views, I assume and hope that Strelets will continue to grow, to both our and their benefit.

Re: Re: A good balance if done right

Dear Radu,

we are a bit puzzled about "no ancients policy". Have we ever proclaimed one?



A good balance if done right

Many, many months ago (or a few years), answering to the usual lithany of wishlists that regularly show up on the forum, you said you were not going to produce ancients. I remember that well, because I was hoping that you would. Well, your current releases list shows that you have informed well your customers, as you always do. Calling the choice of your production in the past as "policy" is apparently upsetting. I appologize! I further hope not to puzzle anyone with "lithany"!
However, your reply now brings hope to my soul.

I might have to make this statement:

To my best knowledge, "Strelets*R" never ever excluded the possibility of producing ancient figures in 1/72, but mentioned only at some time in the past that they are not going to produce ancients in the near future

Re: Heads up Strelets in reverse

I can't speak for the employment of sculptors ( you may be right) but as for the popularity of the 12 pose sets I can definitely vouch for these. True huge variation is nice for the really wild and woolly - my Celts include every manufacturer I can lay my hands on, but the periods that Strelets have chosen, whilst not uniform, did include tactical cohesion as expressed in the shieldwall and therefore this format is near perfect. For me, never having been a fan of the everyone different strategy of Strelets for many of their products, this developments liftes them to a new and very welcome level.

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

is strelets going town the toilet???

Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

Hmmm... if these are scraps, they're the best scraps I've seen in a long, long time! I'm lovin' it!!


Re: Re: Confusing open ended releases from Strelets continue

an excellent idea! now we can have rank and file units to mix with the highly individualized sets. bravo, strelets for offering the customer another choice for purchase.