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Re: M001 - mini ? and new look

All the old future releases are still there - we now seem to have more of them. I dont see any firing poses, so I would guess early medieval too.

Re: Re: M001 - mini ? and new look

Normans - to complement their existing cavalry sets. BTW does anybody actually enjoy this game, so beloved of the evil dwarves at Strelets?

no, I just like to know....

but Odemars is far worse in playing 'future release' games. Which is why I was so angry that I waited and salivated over the miscellaneous soldiers set (which obviously had a Mexican in it, a first in the hobby) only to find out it was a set of frickin' ZOMBIES!!!

Re: Nice update

Hi Strelets,
nicely done, the "new" site, and good luck with the new mini series.


Re: no, I just like to know....

these are the 'Medieval Zombies' - just good for us that they wear armour and you can't actually see the bones.