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tail ender

Dear Dave
A pity. I thought you were the first with the news and the pics like Reuters. A lot of the time I am the tail ender* on the e mails. I think this is to do with time differences.
Not long left if Strelets are to meet the Sept 2006 release date.

* tail enders in cricket are the last (usually worst) batsmen in the innings. There must be something similar in baseball.

Re: tail ender in Baseball

Would also be the last to hit. Either 8th or 9th depending if the designated hitter rule is being used.

Re: Re: tail ender in Baseball - Got O'B & GMPC beat!

I was the "Tail Ender" in my school days which sadly meant, I was the last one chosen - by both teams. I was always permanently planted out of the way in right field where there was no action!

Re: Re: Re: tail ender in Baseball - Got O'B & GMPC beat!

I "played" Lacrosse but for 99.99% of the games from the far end of the bench. That doesn't take away from the fact that I loved the game and still do !