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To Strelets*R

I am so excited to see some of your "Masters" for the Crimean War "British Hussars."

For me, this is one of the most exciting sets to be coming out soon!

Thank you for going forward with completeing the Crimean War Soldiers.

Please keep up the great work!

Happy Toy Soldier Collecting & Dreaming!

Re: To Strelets*R

Dear Dave

Have you missed out a future tense somewhere or have you had a priviliged sneak preview. Maybe my browser is running on gas and has not updated Strelets futures page yet.

You folks in Japan are really ahead of us in time and space and reality and that stuff.
in the words of the Wild Stallyons

Re: Re: To Strelets*R

Hi David O'B,

It is scarey to think I make my living teaching English to Japanese, when I write garble like that, isn't it!?

Let's see. Excuse #1 It's Japanese-English (actually it is) This is how you start speaking your native tongue when you have lived over seas too long - over identification with hosts. Excuse #2 "Message In a Bottle" this is how you start speaking after you "go drinking" (yes, Japanese don't "Have a drink", they "Go drinking!") with your hosts. You know, don't drink and drive; don't drink and forum! Excuse #3 2:00 a.m. Japan time zone is no different than 2:00 a.m. back home - Go to bed! Excuse #4 All of the above ... most likely

Like I tell my students, "Well, it probably could have been said better, but I think the "meaning" is there, somewhere in the sentence!"

And no, I have no special S*R privileges. I'm in line with every other forum member.

I "will" borrow from Frank Ryan here, though - "Have a gread day everyone!"


"Have a gread day everyone!" Uhm, "gread" huh? Excuse #5 - More black coffee and 2 aspirin, please

Have a great day everyone!

Re: P.S.

I can sympathise with you as being a North American English is not your mother tongue. I was born and bred in Berkshire so English is my mother tongue although if you here us country yokels talking you may wonder where on earth you are.

Best regards,


tail ender

Dear Dave
A pity. I thought you were the first with the news and the pics like Reuters. A lot of the time I am the tail ender* on the e mails. I think this is to do with time differences.
Not long left if Strelets are to meet the Sept 2006 release date.

* tail enders in cricket are the last (usually worst) batsmen in the innings. There must be something similar in baseball.

Re: tail ender in Baseball

Would also be the last to hit. Either 8th or 9th depending if the designated hitter rule is being used.

Re: Re: tail ender in Baseball - Got O'B & GMPC beat!

I was the "Tail Ender" in my school days which sadly meant, I was the last one chosen - by both teams. I was always permanently planted out of the way in right field where there was no action!

Re: Re: Re: tail ender in Baseball - Got O'B & GMPC beat!

I "played" Lacrosse but for 99.99% of the games from the far end of the bench. That doesn't take away from the fact that I loved the game and still do !