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Re: Re: Re: A suggestion for a future set (To: PSR, please!)

Hi all,

I need a celtic hill fort and a Roman marching camp to complete my diorama...

Pieter you are right about the price of Art-miniaturen. They are really expensive, but as a collector I need them. Then I have another week just bread and water soup...

BTW, there is a French seller who offers them. Maybe the cost for post would be cheaper for you. If you like, I can ask for his address.


Roman life

Dear Pieter
I mentioned this a little while ago.
There are lots of similar posed Roman military figures and soon Carthaginians but no populace or soldiers in camp. Atlantic did a few patricians in set I517 and seemed to promise more to come,but not to be. Nothing elsewhere in soft plastic to the best of my knowledge. I would suggest some figures for the Northern half of Europe with capes and cloaks and some for warmer climes, basically around the Med.

Once this has been done to death then Viking camp life to complement the Viking sets.

Re: Roman life

Hi David,
What do you mean Atlantic seemed to promise more? Did you hear anything about planned sets? That is one area of my investigation into Atlantic that I have never been able to get any info regarding.

If anyone has info on what was planned but never produced, please contact me at

Also, if anyone has any contact information for people who owed or worked at Atlantic, please contact me!


Re: Re: Roman life

Dear Victor
I have sent you an e mail.