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A suggestion for a future set

Hi strelets,

Why not make the following: A set dedicated to Roman fort/camp life

It could include soldiers marching (both with and without baggage so that they could also be used as sentinels. Next their could be soldiers standing with pilum and shield (could be on inspection or on guard duty). Then some everyday poses like men eating, drinking, talking,... You could add some donkeys and even horses. These horses could be for dismounted cavalry,...
You could also include some civilians.

I have always liked the marching soldier in the airfix Roman infantry and would like to see more. These would be popular to use with the Roman fortresses made by zvezda and even with the ships.

Anyone else who would like that?

Re: A suggestion for a future set

Hi Pieter,

if you are collecting metal soldiers too there would be Art-miniature. They made Roman camp figures, street building units and other ancient civil life. Very nice figures.


Re: A suggestion for a future set and Forum messers

Hello Pieter
I think your idea is not just a very good idea but also in keeping with Strelets style; after all they started with the French Army,s Camp.
Also , my favourite, French Foot Dragoons is in a similar vein.
I hope Srelets do make the Roman Camp and other camps as well.
Hello Dubio
I would also like to add that I ignore those who would use this forum for perverse pusuits. That is why you don't see a contribution from me during such 'threads'.
Please stay with us as I have found some of your contributions very useful.
Best regards

Re: Re: A suggestion for a future set

Hey Uwe,

I know Art Miniaturen very well. I love their figures and bought several of them. The only thing is the cost. I really think that they are pieces of art so the price is reasonable. However, getting them into Belgium is more expensive and this will be even more so for buyers in the US. So I made the suggestion so that these sort of figures could be optained at a lower cost and in greater quantities.

Many regards


Re: Re: Re: A suggestion for a future set

Hi Roman Fans,

Yes, I also would love to see a combination "Roman Camp" and "Roman Fort Life" set made, maybe "Roman Fort & Camp Life." (stop throwing rocks at me - OK, OK!)

Airfix made the old "Mile Forts" and now Zvezda has made the bigger Stockade set. I have both. And, actually, they are both excellent sets if you like plastic.

My request: Make the Romans in (1) "Red Color", (2) "Terracotta Color", or (3) "Silver Color" to go with the recently releaseted EVO / LW "TESTUDO" Set.

These are very nice, in Red and Silver. Can easily be converted to hold the old Esci/Italeri spear. Makes an awesome "Front Line" set. Or, I made my conversions to do the Testudo Work on my old "Atlantic Seige Towers." This will also be one of my future Contributions of "Classics & Conversions." Please check the PSR site to see the figurines.

Great idea! My full support! Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming!

Re: A suggestion for a future set

Dear Pieter,

it's a strange coincidence but we were thinking about such a set just couple of days ago.
We like your suggestion!
Best regards,


Re: Re: A suggestion for a future set (To: PSR, please!)

Dear PSR,

With all due respect, please consider the colors mentioned just above this posting made by me. You beat my post by only moments! "Ah!, You deaded me first!" (as David O'B and his gang would say).

Thank you, thank you! - Dave H.

Re: Re: Re: A suggestion for a future set (To: PSR, please!)

Hi all,

I need a celtic hill fort and a Roman marching camp to complete my diorama...

Pieter you are right about the price of Art-miniaturen. They are really expensive, but as a collector I need them. Then I have another week just bread and water soup...

BTW, there is a French seller who offers them. Maybe the cost for post would be cheaper for you. If you like, I can ask for his address.


Roman life

Dear Pieter
I mentioned this a little while ago.
There are lots of similar posed Roman military figures and soon Carthaginians but no populace or soldiers in camp. Atlantic did a few patricians in set I517 and seemed to promise more to come,but not to be. Nothing elsewhere in soft plastic to the best of my knowledge. I would suggest some figures for the Northern half of Europe with capes and cloaks and some for warmer climes, basically around the Med.

Once this has been done to death then Viking camp life to complement the Viking sets.

Re: Roman life

Hi David,
What do you mean Atlantic seemed to promise more? Did you hear anything about planned sets? That is one area of my investigation into Atlantic that I have never been able to get any info regarding.

If anyone has info on what was planned but never produced, please contact me at

Also, if anyone has any contact information for people who owed or worked at Atlantic, please contact me!


Re: Re: Roman life

Dear Victor
I have sent you an e mail.