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Re: Sunday Post Card to Strelets

Hello Mr. Garrison and Strelets! I come to you from Berlin, where the Ishtar Gate of the Pergamon Museum and Queen Nefertiti inside the Neues Museum are alive and well.

In between work shifts I whipped out the warriors in my collection and was happy to see the faces of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, and SPQR Romans. Love the life they show, but at the same time they form up wonderfully into bigger formations as well. Individually they remind me of collecting soldiers with my father growing up, while when assembled in groups they trigger happy memories of playing Rome and Medieval II Total War in the old days (and sometimes more recently).

We send hugs to the east as always :hugging_face: , and hope everyone stays as safe as possible going forward.

Dear TheBabylonian109,

Greetings to Germany from the U.S.! I'm a big fan of the sets you mention, also. The sculpting is magnificent. I can't wait for the weekend to find some free time for my passion.

Please enjoy in your hometown and have a great weekend! - GC