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Re: thoughts/suggestions for German State cuirassiers

Depends how you feel about the helmets being used in the western theatres/later in the war, but some other Germanic factions in the WSS would include Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Köln (Cologne), Hanover, Hessen-Kassel, Holstein-Gottorp, Mecklenburg, Palatinate, and Brandenburg-Prussia (usually just shortened to Prussia by this point). From what I can tell most of them would have preferred the cocked hat, but there were likely some exceptions I am not seeing. Also with some head swaps they are useful for most factions in the war. :sunglasses:

Re: thoughts/suggestions for German State cuirassiers


I believe the Danes had a couple of Kuirassier Regiments too.

May also do for earlier wars v French or Ottomans of course