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thoughts/suggestions for German State cuirassiers

several boxes of the new WSS sets landed here yesterday and got me thinking which States can i use them for, eg, Austria, Bavaria , Franconia , Liege, maybe Saxony, still going over my files, books, colour plates, sources etc, so anyone out there got more ideas on other German States with uniform colours, please post
French Guards Musketeers, love officer in big wig and the flute player
Dutch Cuirassiers, great poses of standard bearer firing pistol and bugler waving sword
German States Cuirassiers, fantastic pose of drummer

wonderful sculpts in all sets, good memorial to Anton
wishing all Strelets team and families to remain safe out there
Victory to Ukraine
cheers Old John

Re: thoughts/suggestions for German State cuirassiers

Depends how you feel about the helmets being used in the western theatres/later in the war, but some other Germanic factions in the WSS would include Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Köln (Cologne), Hanover, Hessen-Kassel, Holstein-Gottorp, Mecklenburg, Palatinate, and Brandenburg-Prussia (usually just shortened to Prussia by this point). From what I can tell most of them would have preferred the cocked hat, but there were likely some exceptions I am not seeing. Also with some head swaps they are useful for most factions in the war. :sunglasses:

Re: thoughts/suggestions for German State cuirassiers


I believe the Danes had a couple of Kuirassier Regiments too.

May also do for earlier wars v French or Ottomans of course