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Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

Replying to Asher: I did write ‘WSS Cuirassiers’ and I should have specified just the Bavarians at Rebeldelphia - which I had been waiting for also and ordered this morning. Scott is supposed to get a resupply of the WSS Austrian Cuirassiers too but apparently not yet. I say resupply because he replied in an email late last year he had just a few of the WSS Austrians Cuirassiers sets before but they sold out real quick. (I missed his carrying that one completely and I check him pretty regularly). I highly recommend him on eBay to US customers BTW.
I have a standard ‘search’ for WSS Strelets on EBay which I check everyday. But yesterday I tried the option to buzz/email me when anything new of that nature and search was listed anew. This morning it worked and I saw Scott/Rebeldelphia had posted a new resupply.

Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

i just bought 2 of each just now, so hurry up.

Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

Dear Toby,

all WSS sets are in a pipe line on various stages of production.
AGW, you may be up for surprises very soon, get your piggy bank ready.
Best regards,


Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

I am very ready!
Thank you for everything you are doing team Strelets.

Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

Thank you Strelets for your encouraging answer. Much appreciated.

Re: Status of WSS infantry sets

That is amazing, encouraging and exciting to read.

Thank you.