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Re: Saturday News

Some very nice poses here!

Strelets, is this the firing line set linked to the command sprue you recently showed us? If so, does this mean that you were able to make a second mould after the first one was destroyed, or is this a photo pre-destruction?

7th April:
‘The news is mixed.
The 2nd mould for the rank and file soldiers of this set was destroyed by an artillery barrage. The guy, who made moulds for us in the basement of his house left the country soon after the war broke out. His vacant house was occupied by some territorial army unit and must have been detected/identified/destroyed as soldiers' accommodation.
So one can now realise what our usual reservation of AGW (all going well) means.
For the avoidance of doubt, AGW we will make a replacement mould and release the set in due course.’

Re: Saturday News

Dear Rich,

Sorry for misinformation, destroyed mold was for the Bavarian square, not firing line.
Best regards,


Re: Saturday News

Oh no not the Bavarians in square!! I was looking forward to that set. 😔
What about the British in square? Has that suffered the same fate Strelets?

Once destroyed, are sets cancelled completely, or remade?

Re: Saturday News

As far as I understood and "all going well", the mould will probably be redone.

Re: Saturday News

Ah yes I remember that post now, thanks for that.

Fingers crossed any damaged or destroyed sets get to be revisited again. Been some really nice masters/sprue shots of upcoming sets. Be a shame for that work to be wasted.

Re: Saturday News

Great to hear Strelets! Thank you for the weekly update. That is a shame what happened to the Bavarians in Square. With everything going on lately I really hope you guys get a streak of good luck here soon.