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Re: Happy new year.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all on this forum!!

Best regards,

Re: Happy new year.

Happy New Year to everybody on the forum and especially to our hosts and the people of Ukraine!

Re: Happy new year.

Happy new year to everbody.

To our Ukrainian friends....
I hope 2023 brings peace & a free and independent Ukraine to you. I hope you are able to choose your own path as a nation, rather than the wishes of another.
Lets hope its a year which shows self-appointed rulers that the days of seeking imperial rule & empire building are over. Let them realise that it is better to respect borders & seek co-operation & common ground with neighbours, rather than conflict.

On a happier note, here's hoping 2023 brings peace & health to everyone, and of course lots of new figures!!

Take care everyone.

Re: Happy new year.


Re: Happy new year.

A Very Happy 2023 to everyone!

I hope everyone has set and reaches their personal goals for this 2023 and also that any prayers they may have will be answered. :innocent: :earth_asia: :earth_africa: :earth_americas:

Re: Happy new year.

And a wish for the next year: