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Re: Somewhere in hell

Hello Flambeau,

unfortunately I have to disappoint you...

But all figures, the support of the walls and also the parts of the destroyed 21-cm mortar are self-production from the 3-printer or I formed them out of plaster....

So nothing you see in the pictures can be bought anywhere.

I cant find good german WW1-soldiers with i constructed some.. :wink:

For the soldier on the right side i have constructed a Bergmann MP15..
This was a little bit complicated, because of the special gun magazin...

Many work...and now you cant see it in the pictures...:worried:

Re: Somewhere in hell

Great job! Have you considered joining Benno's figures forum? There's a section "work in progress" where hobbyists show their work in different stages of production/painting. It's nice to see how others go about their work and often very inspiring!

Re: Somewhere in hell

Looks great Gerd! I also watched the film and was inspired by it. For a moment I thought about investing in yet another era to collect, but after a look on PSR and I was a little disappointed. I’d say that WWI is a little bit under represented in our hobby. But nevertheless Gerd your diorama looks great👍🏼

Re: Somewhere in hell

I saw that film yesterday and now your master's work
No words, both of them are very good ones 10/10

Re: Somewhere in hell

Fine modelling and figures, well done!

Re: Somewhere in hell


thank you for your kind comments on this little WW1 scene.

In 2016-2018 I built a much larger WW1 diorama (about 80cm x 100cm in size).
I have a few photos of that too.

Would you like to see the photos of this diorama ?

Re: Somewhere in hell

Yes, it would be great. Please share them with us.