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Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

My last great reenactment-event..: :worried:

Waterloo-Project 2015:

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

Wow, that must have been an incredible event! Great pictures, very evocative! It’s a shame you can no longer march with your comrades.

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

If I may cut in here, thank you for the links. If text, my MSN software automatically asks me if I want to translate, so text translation is easy. Links to the Waterloo Re-enactment are just as is -authentic and amazing. Thank you everyone. So enjoyable with one or even two cups of coffee! - GC

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

I am pleased that this insight into the world of the Prussian Landwehr gave you some pleasure.

It was a wonderful time...

But I've made the decision that it's over for me.

Because everything has its time..