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Re: Good comrades

Superb images, which are very well composed and photographed with some great figures. Very fine work!

These pictures remind me very much of the artwork of Carl Rochling, an artist of the 'heroic- realist' era who somehow managed to capture the essence of late Napoleonic Prussian infantry in attack in his paintings.

Re: Good comrades

Gerd, a really good work, well paintedthe nice figures. Bravo.

Re: Good comrades

Bravo Bravo Bravo

Excellent painting and a special talent for feeling this era.


Re: Good comrades / Thank you

Hello friends, thank you for your praise and the nice comments.

Our hobby is very peaceful and brings people together (we come from at least 10 countries here in the forum and yet we have a common "language"..), but we should never forget that we create the "nightmare of the world" as a miniature.

The pictures from Ukraine have made me think about it a lot in the last few weeks.
And that's why I deliberately created these scenes in this form.

Because war always means misery, hunger, serious injuries, mental damage and very often the death of people.

Let's always be aware of this...

Then we will always look at our hobby a little critically. And yet don't lose the joy of it. :thinking_face: