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Re: Friday Courier

You are absolutely correct Re mold costs if they are expensive to produce metal molds. But I’m not sure if they are metal or not. But if the figures are from the newer silicone based injection molds or even centrifugal, then I’m correct and it all comes back to the masters and what they are made of. I’ll let Strelets determine it all or maybe they will answer.

Re: Friday Courier

Sorry to hear that, although happy to see the new post and updated information. Simply beautiful masters as well. Hugs from all of us to the west. :hugging_face:

Re: Friday Courier

Wonderful WSS masters, thanks so much for posting in such difficult times, but important is for all your team , families and friends is your safety, my sincere best wishes to all there
cheers Old John

Re: Friday Courier

Fine WoSS masters for a Friday! The cartridge box mounted at the front of the waistbelt is typically French, so I wonder if these are more French infantry, perhaps Guards? Whatever the case, a "Well Done!" to the sculptor and to Strelets.

I am of course sorry to hear of the damage to the Redbox/Orion moulds. As others have said, safety to people is always a higher priority than safety to material things. My best wishes and prayers for safety go to the whole Strelets team.

Re: Friday Courier

Not my era but some really nice masters there. Thanks Strelets.

While a sad loss at the time, masters, moulds, equipment etc can always be replaced. They are just "things".

The people who make and work with them however, the people within the companys who have the idea's & artistic vision in their heads, are much more precious. They cannot be replaced. They are all unique.
Hopefully they can all get through this.
As for infrastructure, as I say, it can always be rebuilt/repurchased & I am sure there will be help (both physical & financial) to rebuild Ukraine from it's friends & allies.

Take care all those involved within the hobby out there and of course the people of Ukraine as a whole.

Re: Friday Courier

Thank you for the heads up on Orion moulds.

Re: Friday Courier

100% agreed, couldn't have put it better - well, on a second thought 95% agreed, scratch the "not my period" part and it's o.k. :slightly_smiling_face: And as always: Stay safe everybody!

Re: Friday Courier

I’ve said it before but this WOSS series have become my favourite range of figures to collect and paint.

Keep safe Strelets.

Re: Friday Courier

Dear Strelets,

So great to hear from you. Such wonderful looking masters.

That is such a shame about the Orion/RedBox moulds. Very best wishes to you all—genuinely felt and written, although completely useless as such things are...

Makes me ponder things more tangible for those of us dealing with the simple, everyday challenges and joys of life.

Could crowd funding amongst the group who frequent this forum help with the cost of relocation/storage of molds and masters to a 'safe haven' (more distant geographically, probably a different jurisdiction)? Of course, if this stupidity goes further, such a thing may be difficult to find, but we hope for a different direction and quicker end to this catastrophe...

Regards, James

Re: Friday Courier

Excellent figures again. I really like these poses. I’m wondering whether these would be Spanish, who had belly cartridges and neckerchief. The grenadiers shown a few weeks ago with the unusual hats looked like they could be Spanish as well?

This WSS range is by far the most accomplished of any Strelets range.

Re: Friday Courier

Dearest Strelets Team,

Once again, what a relief (and what a treat) to read your Postcards From Ukraine! In my lifetime Ukraine has shown the world the most amazing strength against all odds. Honestly, I have trouble finding the right words, but I live for Sundays and your messages. Thank you for continuing to think of your Hobby Family.

With gratitude - GC