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Re: Bavarians at Ease & Random Pondering

Lovely figures, beautiful painting.

I really enjoy people's different styles of painting. This 'clean' almost toy soldier look is always really, really appealing.

Top stuff Michele!

Regards, James

Re: Bavarians at Ease & Random Pondering

I agree James. The glossy toy soldier look always makes for some incredibly attractive figures, but I can never make up my mind whether I’d have this look or a more realistic matte finish. Either way, these Bavarians look beautiful!

Re: Bavarians at Ease & Random Pondering

Some very colourful Bavarians there. Nice painting. The Bavarians are some of Strelets best Napoleonics.

Re: Bavarians at Ease & Random Pondering

On a completely unrelated topic, I was perusing around the pages of different sets and was looking at the four models of mortars that are provided in RedBox's 72070 "Turkish Siege Artillery Mortar" set. I was wondering if, provided roughly suitable crewmembers could be found, would these mortars be more or less valid as generics for most 16th-18th Century factions or are they too distinctive for that? I am not an expert in this era. Say, for instance, the WoSS artillery crews were taken off their guns and put onto these mortars, would that be valid?

Yes they are, and yes, you could.

Re: Bavarians at Ease & Random Pondering

Excellent news! Thank you. :sunglasses: