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Re: Friday Post

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
I think the Springfield Rifle and canvas leggings say US Army rather than Commonwealth.
How would Commonwealth troops in the Pacific differ from Commonwealth troops in North Africa?

"Good to see some new WW2 for Asian theatre. I`m hoping Strelets will do a set of
Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces. Some Dutch troops would be great too for Indonesia."

I agree those would be great.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog
The uniforms of 'The forgotten army' look completely different from those of North Africa. Worth looking up the uniforms as the jungle conditions required a totally different style of uniform. Although not perfect worth looking up the Matchbox Australians as an idea (pity they are so tiny as the mule and handler are great!).

To get a feel of the campaign worth looking up the book "Quartered safe out here" by George Macdonald Fraser. It is a brilliant account of the Burma campaign from the point of a squaddy rather than from the officer view. Throughout there are quotes from the 'official' records and what actually took place.

Unfortunately the Chindits seem to be the only ones to be remembered in Burma!