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Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Alan Buckingham
Where to put the sailors, Airfix Golden Hind apart are there other 1/72 ships available ?
So far as the various sets of Redbox C16th century Spanish, Italian and English sailors, this is a good point. There is very little out there - although surely the likes of Zvezda might have come up with an exotic 1/72 scale Venetian Galley - and so I presume that Redbox made these sets on an assumption ie: that modellers would make their own deck, masts and rigging for the model sailors to populate??

The Spanish sailors in action set has some poses which I am able to use for my Italian Wars project.

The majority of the Redbox 'Renaissance' sets are land-based nonetheless, and very useful in my book.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

The figures themselves are quite nice, but I don't really like most of the horses, the poses are ... weird, with a few exceptions. Might have bought some Ottomans otherwise, but my range of periods is bigger than I can paint in this lifetime, so I'll stick to the WoSS. The RB French Musketeers however are tempting.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I love these figures and this era. Like those above, I have figures for my Italian Wars campaign and my Eastern European / Ottoman / Cossack / Muscovy battles. I also use my English sailors for Drakes' raids against the Spanish and the Armada battles. For ships, I built my own (one English and one Spanish), although this was hugely challenging and not overly successful. At least it was fun.

I really hope Redbox releases their upcoming Cossack and Ukrainian sets soon. I would also love to see them make:

- Knights of St John for Rhodes and Malta
- Hungarians for Mohacs and Szigetvar
- Poles
- Tatars for the Siege of Kazan
- English and Scottish border Reivers
- French Knights and Foot
- Huguenots

Maybe one day!

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I'm honestly a big fan of this era and series as well, but I just don't have the money to collect two series right now. Being a college student I have to limit myself to one set a month, and right now I am loving this War of Spanish Succession series, so my focus is solely on that for the time being.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Being from Malta - The Knights of St. John of Malta will be a dream come true.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Know how you feel! Hang in there, every little contribution helps keep things alive. :sunglasses: