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Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Hate to interrupt the spam chain, but thought I would bring this topic up for discussion today. Now I know the vast majority of you are Nappy and/or WWII collectors for the most part, which made me a little curious about RedBox's 16th-17th Century sets. Do any of you guys make it a priority to collect these (basically anything from RED72005 down to 72136)? Any ideas on whom the main audience(s) for these are? I ask for curiosity's sake, as these offerings have caused me to do more research into these eras than I otherwise would have. The Imjin Wars in particular are absolutely hilarious on one level, and showed the value of some good honest translators! :sunglasses:

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I have lots of these beaut and flexible figures to use for various troops in what I call 'Northern and Ottoman wars', viz.

Long Turkish War (1593–1606), Polish-Ottoman War (1620–1621), Khmelnytsky Uprising (Polish-Cossack War 1648–1667), Russo-Polish War (1654–1667, Thirteen Years' War) & Second Northern War (1655–1660, The Deluge/Potop), Austro-Turkish War (1663–1664), Polish-Tartar War (1666–1671), Polish-Ottoman War (1672–1676),, Great Turkish War, Russo-Ottoman War of 1710–11, Austro-Turkish War (1716–1718)

For me they will be representing various of Cossacks, Tartars, Wallachians, Kurucs and others (especially those of the 'small war'). I have recently seen that several figures of the Moscow Noble cavalry will be ideal as the basis for Deli cavalry of the Napoleonic period (possibly along with some figures from the Ukrainian Cossack Cavalry Set 1 & 2 and Orion Cossack Cavalry).

Regards, James

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I'm of a similar disposition to James on these great figures. I like them a lot, and greatly respect Redbox for producing sets which are some way away from the well-trodden path of Napoleonics, WW2 and ACW figures as 'best sellers'.

I have two ongoing 'Renaissance' projects, one of which is the Italian wars circa 1500-1525, and the other being a rather more nebulous but nontheless interesting Eastern European project featuring the Muskovite, Cossack etc sets that Redbox make, and others too.

I very much hope that Redbox are able to carry on producing these wonderful figures.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Where to put the sailors, Airfix Golden Hind apart are there other 1/72 ships available ?

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Alan Buckingham
Where to put the sailors, Airfix Golden Hind apart are there other 1/72 ships available ?
So far as the various sets of Redbox C16th century Spanish, Italian and English sailors, this is a good point. There is very little out there - although surely the likes of Zvezda might have come up with an exotic 1/72 scale Venetian Galley - and so I presume that Redbox made these sets on an assumption ie: that modellers would make their own deck, masts and rigging for the model sailors to populate??

The Spanish sailors in action set has some poses which I am able to use for my Italian Wars project.

The majority of the Redbox 'Renaissance' sets are land-based nonetheless, and very useful in my book.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

The figures themselves are quite nice, but I don't really like most of the horses, the poses are ... weird, with a few exceptions. Might have bought some Ottomans otherwise, but my range of periods is bigger than I can paint in this lifetime, so I'll stick to the WoSS. The RB French Musketeers however are tempting.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I love these figures and this era. Like those above, I have figures for my Italian Wars campaign and my Eastern European / Ottoman / Cossack / Muscovy battles. I also use my English sailors for Drakes' raids against the Spanish and the Armada battles. For ships, I built my own (one English and one Spanish), although this was hugely challenging and not overly successful. At least it was fun.

I really hope Redbox releases their upcoming Cossack and Ukrainian sets soon. I would also love to see them make:

- Knights of St John for Rhodes and Malta
- Hungarians for Mohacs and Szigetvar
- Poles
- Tatars for the Siege of Kazan
- English and Scottish border Reivers
- French Knights and Foot
- Huguenots

Maybe one day!

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

I'm honestly a big fan of this era and series as well, but I just don't have the money to collect two series right now. Being a college student I have to limit myself to one set a month, and right now I am loving this War of Spanish Succession series, so my focus is solely on that for the time being.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Being from Malta - The Knights of St. John of Malta will be a dream come true.

Re: Opinions on RedBox 16th-17th Century Sets?

Know how you feel! Hang in there, every little contribution helps keep things alive. :sunglasses: