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Re: Obice howitzer and Truck!

Looks good!

As an observation: There seems to be an increasing range of good-quality material to enable those of us who wish to model the Italian forces in the Western desert campaign (and then Tunisia and Italy c. 1943). Strelets are a part of this general 'trend' and are to be congratulated on this.
Hi all
just a quick note.
It seems strange that no shield is provided for the gun - why is this?
A brief look at online images shows most of them with shields fitted!
There was a similar problem with one of the Jap guns as I recall.
So, an oversight for accuracy it seems.
My personal preference is for guns etc to be moulded in hard plastic or metal as I find them easier to assemble with superglue etc, and take paint better.
Nevertheless, the most impressive figures are the most useful and welcome.
Well, stay safe folks