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Re: Another week is almost over,

Thanks for further previews of WWII North Africa/Mediterranean units.
The earlier shown Italians as well as these DAK and Australians will be excellent additions to the respective 1/72 range.
Really hope not all upcoming Aussies will look as comic-like as those grotesquely oversized musclemen presented earlier. :see_no_evil:
However, more clearly recognizable Commonwealth troops for both world wars are always a valuable addition.
Count me also in for any possible expansion regarding Far Eastern theatres 1937-45 (SE Asia & China). :wink:

Alan Buckingham
Rommel always said give me a division of New Zealands and I will take any objective and a division of Aussies to hold it, or words to that effect.
Pretty sure that this is definitely not a genuine Erwin Rommel quote.
Most likely its just pure self-constructed wishful thinking. Under today's circumstances, such misinformation is all too quickly declared to be "truth and certainty". Unfortunately, an alarmingly widespread phenomenon in the www these days.
However, should anyone be able to provide a credible source for this quote, I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

Thanks again to the hard-working and inspired Strelets crew for their beautiful weekly previews. Keep em coming! :slightly_smiling_face: