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Re: Russian 12th Hussars Contribition

Miguel, you have brought out the character of these figures so well with your fine painting and lovely basing. They look impressive and dramatic on their own and I can imagine how good they will look crashing across a battlefield!

Regards, James

Re: Russian 12th Hussars Contribition

I concur with previous comments concerning painting, poses and photography. The treeline backdrop was particularly good giving a more natural look to the photographs.
Thank you for sharing these very nicely painted figures.

Re: Russian 12th Hussars Contribition

Some really nice painting Miguel & it shows those old Crimean cavalry sets still have their charm. You have certainly done this set justice with your wonderful efforts, so as others have said, well done!

While I too think the charging poses were a tad over dramatic (not the 1st cavalry set made that way!), I still prefer these horses to the new Napoleonic ones, as these at least had more of an equine look to them!!

The WSS horses & cavalry sets in general however, are fantastic & in a league of their own!

Re: Russian 12th Hussars Contribition

Very nicely done and great to see these veteran figures in action, especially as I am putting together the Russian forces for our club Balaklava project at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope to see more Crimean War eye candy in the near future!