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Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

I echo what others said - excellent and creative work.

Chris, Gerd, if you look closely, the third outrider is there. He gained permission to travel on the limber after receiving his wound.:wink:

Chris, what is the difference between the Revell and the Imex limbers?

Regards, Pa

Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment


The Imex limbers are too small and box like.

I converted my limbers from Revell and made the Itallieri non sense into casssions.

The techniques are to be found here.

Best wishes,


Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Hello Chris,

many thanks for the reply and the link to your phantastic thread on Benno's, gives me lots to drool over.

Best regards, Pa

Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Hello Chris,

yesterday I spent two hours looking through your great documentation about your "Battle of Antietam"-diorama at bennosfigures-Forum.

Really another great project ... and your garage is once again the "crime scene" .... really wonderful work .....

PS: My "field marshal" would never let me have the garage.. :dizzy_face: :rage: