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Re: 903 Thin Red Line Announcement

The two Highlanders are absolutely beautiful - real works of art.

Re: 903 Thin Red Line Announcement

Alan Buckingham
My great great granddad was captured at Sevastopol as a boy sailor, and was released in a prisoner exchange , I have his medal for the campaign, a royal navy shore set would not go amiss if you are going back to the period.
My GG Grandfather was reactivated from Coastguard and fought in the Baltic Campaign! May I add my vote to yours, please, Alan!

Re: 903 Thin Red Line Announcement

A new set of Scots? Yes, why not.:slightly_smiling_face:

Crimean infantry? Yes, definitely, why not indeed.:smiley:

But the new WoSS Cuirassiers are looking better and better.:grinning: Having been 'persuaded' to add a few extra figures to the masses in the painting queue (since these will not 'break the camel's back'), these now look like a definite '4 boxes please'....and they are likely to use their weight to muscle to the front of the painting queue too.

Some really excellent sculpts here.

PS: Scots with bayonets on their muskets please.

Re: 903 Thin Red Line Announcement

New Crimean War Infantry sets! What great news!
Thank you Strelets. I wait in eager anticipation for these sets.

Regarding things Viennese perhaps we might see some new WW1 Austrian sets too sometime soon
including those Skoda Howitzers that we saw the masters of a while ago.

Re: 903 Thin Red Line Announcement

New Crimean War sets would be great!