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Re: Who knows what tomorrow will bring....?

Allan from Glasgow
I agree we all now know that smoking kills but I am sure that poor hussar would rather go into battle with a razor sharp sabre in his hand rather than reaching for his tobacco.

We all know what happened to that Scots Grey officer who tried to save his snuff from those pesky French lancers at Waterloo.

Please give us Hussars at the ready or trotting into battle and keep these lovely poses for a camp accessories set like your very first sets, which is very hard to get hold off now

What he said!! 😁

Re: Who knows what tomorrow will bring....?

Nice figures.
Hope to see more of the new Japanese set you have been working on.

Re: Who knows what tomorrow will bring....?

Really nice items (for Philip Morris, just joking :smile: ) , but some ww2 Chinese army, Byzantines, Gallipoli ANZAC and Turks, WWI Italians etc, would make some difference (next time maybe...)