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Re: Firing Lines for Napoleonic Sets

Roger W
"Advancing", "At the ready" and "March Attack" should still be produced.
The Firing sets would work alongside the other sets, they shouldnt be "instead of".
In fact at the ready could be part of a defensive range.
As someome doing Waterloo i could indeed use "at the ready" poses, standing and kneeling, especially for the allies.
Agreed. 'At the Ready'; and 'March attack' are the preferred poses of wargamers since those poses look 'right' for formed units. I remember well being introduced to these poses when I first came across Minifig 25mm Napoleonics in the late 1970s...and wondering why Airfix didn't produce them!

However: Whereas 'At the ready' has its merits for infantry in a defensive posture, there is nothing more upsetting (:upside_down_face: ) than seeing squares formed of troops in 'march attack' mode, let alone skirmish lines.

Firing lines please...and the others for massed columns on the move as well.

Re: Firing Lines for Napoleonic Sets

Exactly 👍