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Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

The guys at right shoulder aren't a deal breaker with me as there aren't that many of them and as Thomas said, I can use them with my other Russians in various formations. One of my big points is compatibility with what else is out there.

As for size, I am definitely on the portly side (being polite to myself). It was the bump on the head I got in my parachute accident. I tell people I've got dain-bramage (TBI) what's their excuse? The last time I went to the beach some folks from Greenpeace tried to drag me out to sea. I thought they were going to have heart attacks when I protested.

Seriously though, when I taught school the subject would come up (I taught high school, so it's GOING to come up); I'd tell the kids I stood six-feet two before my parachute accident, I'm not really fat, I'm a victim of compression. There was always someone who'd ask, "Really?"

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

More Russians in summer dress, lovely, thank you.

May I be just a bit more greedy and ask for some advancing and/or firing too please?!

Regards, James