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Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

Paint dog
I think we may all be thinking in terms of 'modern body shapes', and in older times people were - generally - less chunky than today.

Speak for yourself!

I'm tall, slender and of great personal beauty.

You sound wonderfully-toned, donald.

For myself, I am more 'chunky' than is probably good for me...but hey, it's what's inside that counts...

On a related note: I think I read somewhere that the people who made the film 'Gettysburg' had a problem with the hordes of re-enactors who turned up as extras in superbly-accurate uniforms etc...the difficulty being that they were (mainly) much 'bigger than an average ACW soldier, who weighed in at ten and a half stone....I'm pretty sure I was that weight once, although probably about half a century ago.

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

A very nice set of Russian infantry.

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

These do look superb! Currently on the painting table are the Russian marching and standing arms poses. These figures are so well sculpted. They really have personality and individual expressions and subtle postures. I look at Zvezda and they are beautiful and heroic but too perfect. These are all individuals, like I could name each one. Love that. also the little touches on the order figures. The hand ax for chopping wood, the wood for the fire on another backpack, the kettles on another, the jug of ?, these guys are well prepared to cook dinner. These figures are better sculpted than most 28mm figures. To show personality and expression is next level over any other company today.

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

Very interesting future set. My only question (or regret) is that 2 out of 10 soldiers carry their rifles on their right shoulder and the others on their left. If it's NCOs there are too many of them, otherwise it makes a bit of a mess in the same battalion. What is your opinion on this? Put them in the same company?
Thank you

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

These Russians look great they look quite a lot better than the recent on the march set witch I thought was pretty good but these new Russians look amazing I cant wait to get my paint brush on them.:heart_eyes:

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

The other sets lack NCO's. You might add some of these chaps to them. I don't think the order arms or marching sets would look worse for it. The NCO could have decided to stop, wait and inspect if the rearguard is not deserting. Tough guys don't wear greatcoats.:wink:

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

The guys at right shoulder aren't a deal breaker with me as there aren't that many of them and as Thomas said, I can use them with my other Russians in various formations. One of my big points is compatibility with what else is out there.

As for size, I am definitely on the portly side (being polite to myself). It was the bump on the head I got in my parachute accident. I tell people I've got dain-bramage (TBI) what's their excuse? The last time I went to the beach some folks from Greenpeace tried to drag me out to sea. I thought they were going to have heart attacks when I protested.

Seriously though, when I taught school the subject would come up (I taught high school, so it's GOING to come up); I'd tell the kids I stood six-feet two before my parachute accident, I'm not really fat, I'm a victim of compression. There was always someone who'd ask, "Really?"

Re: Set 216: Russian Infantry Standing shoulder arms

More Russians in summer dress, lovely, thank you.

May I be just a bit more greedy and ask for some advancing and/or firing too please?!

Regards, James