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Re: James Grindon's British

Very nicely painted troops indeed.

Nice to see the Guards flags the right way around.

Well done on the highlanders, I found them a nightmare to paint.

Best wishes,

Agreed, the painting on the figures and, especially, the presentation of the flags is very fine indeed.

I have a set of Strelets Highlanders to paint, so look forward to the 'nightmare', although I believe that this will ultimately be a fulfilling experience. I believe that the French generally found them a nightmare to fight, as well!



Re: James Grindon's British

Many thanks for your kind comments. And yes the highlanders are a nightmare to paint. Now, where are those Prussian cavalry ???

Re: James Grindon's British

Super nice to look at and enjoy, James. I especially like the closeup of your Highlander officer.
Reminds me of my school days when I'd go through the library's books on Waterloo looking for illustrations with those beautiful scarlet red uniforms just like yours!

OK, looking forward to seeing your Prussian Cavalry also. :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: James Grindon's British


I know how many work it needs to paint the correct uniform of highland regiments. You need many, many time to make this job well.

And you have painted them really fantastic ! :+1: