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Re: How long it is, when we wait!

Dear Zouave72,

no idea.
The new lot has being marinated in Dover for over a week because of request of an import clerk to prove, that the products, that were classified as toys, are complying with the EU Toys Safety regulations, also adopted by the UK in 2011.
The state apparently is worried, that us, 40, 50 and 60+ y.o. consumers will choke with these figures, as, obviously, experience, that we gained in all our previous life, doesn't give us a sufficient guarantee for future.
So, now laboratories, depleted by COVID free helicopter money, urgently scramble their last reinforcements to point at all possible hazards, that we face when buying these figures.
Kindly note, that when we put "all going well" subject in our messages, that comes there for a good reason, not some kind of last resort excuse for our non-performance.

Best regards,


Re: How long it is, when we wait!

Heard from a retailer that not much is coming into the U.S. right now due to covid.
If this is still the case hope it changes soon so figures can come in. Cappy