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Re: Friday everywhere

Hi Strelets,

Fantastic Russian Genadiers/Infantry figures just a couple of observations in the pursuit of perfection, I don't believe they carried bread bags it would be better if these were removed, the covered shako would have been a rarity and worn with winter greatcoats if at all so no more of these please.

The quality of sculpting recently is top class I particularly like the standard bearer he has long tails of an officers coat I really hope this is correct because he will look superb painted.

Re: Friday everywhere

Dear Brian,

A contrary view, if I may. I like them with the bread bags, as illustrated in the painting of grenadiers at rest by Alexander Averyanov (shown amongst his paintings here

Of course, paintings are not evidence, but they look good!



Borodino beckons

I simply don't have enough Russian infantry. This looks like changing.


Re: Friday everywhere

AB Russians have bread bags in 18mm, so if good enough for Mr Barton, then good enough for me

Re: Friday everywhere

I just interviewed the soldier in question and he said sorry, he was hungry. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: