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Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

I love to see battles fought in the ‘Grand Manner’ and this is no exception.

A lot of work here with a super reconstruction of Fredericksburg itself.

The picture from the river looking towards the heights past the church is my favourite.

Best wishes,


Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thank you, Chris (and all of the rest of you), for your kind words. For you, Chris, it's on to some more first-rate Union generalship at Antietam. I'm desperately eager to see what you do with that battle, the bloodiest single day in U.S. military history. I hope you're collecting casualty figures!

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thanks, Pedro. The figures in overcoats (representing the Irish Brigade, which famously assaulted the Heights without shedding their coats) are mostly metal -- most, if I remember correctly, from the old Musket Miniatures line, now discontinued, I think. There are a fair number of plastics mixed in, using the two in greatcoats from the Accurate Confederate Infantry set, and one (with a head swap) from the Italeri Union Infantry. I confess I've forgotten where some of those came from, since I've been collecting ACW figures for so long.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thanks for posting! Love it!