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Marye's Heights Diorama

Marye's Heights Diorama - WOW! A Very impressive efforts. Everything about it is great. I was
especially impressed with the scale of the scenery.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama seeing the figures being gamed with!! Looks great.


Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Gets a 10 from me.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

That's wargaming at its finest. Well done.


Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

A really great representation of the battle in front of Marye's Heights. I know you had a blast.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

It has been said above, but doesn't hurt to repeat it once more--sensational!

Big wargames on fabulous terrain are a sight to behold.

I particularly like the mixing of figure brands and poses.

Thanks for posting,


Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Very impressive. The extensive terrain really makes the spectacle, and the railway track brings the realisation that the ACW was (probably) the first 'modern' war. Great panoramic views of the figures. That stone wall providing cover for the Confederate firing line must be the one in the famous photograph...!

I think the first proper wargame I ever saw (at the tender age of 10) was an ACW one, with Airfix figures. This is a very big step on from that one.....

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Really good dio.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thanks for posting such fun photos!

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Which line are the Union figures in overcoats from? Great diorama by the way.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

I love to see battles fought in the ‘Grand Manner’ and this is no exception.

A lot of work here with a super reconstruction of Fredericksburg itself.

The picture from the river looking towards the heights past the church is my favourite.

Best wishes,


Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thank you, Chris (and all of the rest of you), for your kind words. For you, Chris, it's on to some more first-rate Union generalship at Antietam. I'm desperately eager to see what you do with that battle, the bloodiest single day in U.S. military history. I hope you're collecting casualty figures!

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thanks, Pedro. The figures in overcoats (representing the Irish Brigade, which famously assaulted the Heights without shedding their coats) are mostly metal -- most, if I remember correctly, from the old Musket Miniatures line, now discontinued, I think. There are a fair number of plastics mixed in, using the two in greatcoats from the Accurate Confederate Infantry set, and one (with a head swap) from the Italeri Union Infantry. I confess I've forgotten where some of those came from, since I've been collecting ACW figures for so long.

Re: Marye's Heights Diorama

Thanks for posting! Love it!