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Re: Wish Strelets could...

Dear AP,

you\'ve made quite a compelling case, congratulations!
This is the most eloquent request we\'ve ever seen for the whole of our career in this business.
Without going in too much detail, we can assure you, that at least some of the requested sets will see the light in the not so distant future.

Best regards,

Thank you Strelets, I must admit I'm quite flattered by your response.

After all, it's your 'fault', that I have finally delve into this fascinating conflict I was ignoring for years. Now I'm surrounded with everything ACW related... books, wargaming rules, audiobooks, documentaries and your figures of course.

Looking forward to whatever is coming for the ACW - even if it's nose-picking Confederates and socks patching Federals sets.

Re: Wish Strelets could...

Very well played, AP. And thanks, Strelets. :+1:

Re: Wish Strelets could...

Sadly, nobody here appears to have an ear for ... music:

Note: I'm not talking about drums and fifes, but about bandsmen!