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Re: Lovin' them Prussians

What's not to love about more Prussians? :smile: :laughing:

The 3 upcoming Strelets sets are a valuable expansion of a crucial but otherwise insufficiently covered subject of the Napoleonic Wars. :+1:

Airfix figures are obsolete, Italeri ones are unusable, Revells are great but sadly of limited use, Waterloos are nicely sculpted but not without problems and although the respective Hät sets are above their usual low quality standards they only contain underwhelming pose numbers.

These fresh Strelets figures will hopefully form the starting point for an appropriate range of Napolenic Prussians finally.
After all, they were an essential part of the forces that actually brought Napoleon's reign to an end.
Hope that Strelets will add "in advance" sets in the same vein and, moreover, two other subjects of particular importance for the decisive Befreiungskriege 1813-15: Austrian & Russian infantry! :sweat_smile:

Re: Lovin' them Prussians

I do agree with you.

I think the strelets prusians are great.

I have to say that if somebody had told me 5 years ago that the best prussians were to be made by Strelets, It was something incredible for me to believe.

I thank them for changing my mind and also for finding this great sculptor as he gives the figures a real combat feeling.

The person who chose him and The artist himself avoid finally the chunky style that mades a plastic soldier a toy instead of a piece of art.

I pay 0 euros for chunky soldiers so now I am a good customer of strelets new products.


Re: Lovin' them Prussians

More Prussians Landwehr marching towards the shop first Hat's sets followed by Strelets both beautiful perhaps Strelets have the edge we will see when they arrive, I also like the idea of a flagbearer being included great for Wargamers not so good for historical reenactors sorry Gerd. :heart_eyes:

Please Strelets give us some superb 1813-15: Austrian & Russian infantry next.