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Re: Next batch of new sets

I understand you cant give us exact timings but I would also love any news on this front, we seem to have a lot of Napoleonic sets in the pipeline from yourself and other companies.

It would aid us greatly in our purchases if we knew what and when. Its a problem we are all enjoying to have except perhaps our savings account.

thanks in advance


Re: Next batch of new sets

Dear Steve,

we aim at May with about a dozen of new sets. No further details at this stage.
Best regards,


Re: Next batch of new sets

Thanks for getting back so quickly to what was a awkward question my birthdays at the end of may so hopefully I will have some great new sets to spend my birthday cash on.:hugging_face:

Re: Next batch of new sets

Around 12 sets by May-ish—we really are lucky little vegemites!

By my count that means all of those R and M sets in prep. that have been previewed in the Friday 'teasers' are down for that release. What's more, given your record, we can expect that you'll meet your target (not meaning to put any pressure on any of you wonderful folkl at Strelets)!

No wonder the S for Strelets on this forum in in gold. You are having a marvellous golden time!

Thanks, yet again, for all your efforts to date and for generating yet more excited anticipation!