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Re: ww2 leaders

Alas, 1/87 scale is too small for my 1/72 forces. The new Strelets WWII "Japanese troops in tropical uniform" set is beautiful but sadly are noticeably bigger compared to both my Airfix and ESCI Japanese infantry (which I suspect are closer to 1/76 - 1/87 even though their boxes are labelled as 1/72). Anyone else noticed that?

Re: ww2 leaders

seems to be a very good set but in the wrong scale. Imagine, Churcill who was 1.65 m tall, now only 1.37m (Tyrion size) !!!
And 20 bids and a price of 18,5 euros so far!!!
I think that best seller theory is the right one...

Re: ww2 leaders

I don't collect WWII figures, but if I did I'd definitely buy a set like this. Actually if Strelets made a set with the major figures from history and it was sitting on the shelf at my local hobby shop I might just be tempted anyway. As for British Admirals if you put ABC in the set I think I will have to buy it.

I would buy a personality set for WWI and as for them not being on the battlefield, Pah! I would love to put Haigh in a frontline trench and shell him for three days to see how his moral fibre holds up.

I could use figures for Cumberland and Prince Charlie and other figures from the Jacobite rebellion ( except for Lord George, I've got Lord George sorted). no problem putting these guys on a battlefield but we need a figure of Johnny Cope running away from one

I love Strelets Napoleonic personality sets, I think it's good to have recognisable figures for historical characters and it's something Strelets does well. Why not WWII personalities? You could use them as markers for major objectives or just for decoration, They did sometimes visit the general vicinity of the front line.