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Celtic warrior
Firing lines would be great.
The confederates should have a variety of headgear,caps and slouch hats.Broad brims on the slouch hats please so as to be readily bent up at the front (or sides) and even trimmed to create individual looking soldiers.(Gol'durn Johnny Rebs!)

I completely agree with Celtic Warrior here about the Slouch Hats with upturned brims. This style does look uniquely cool. The Pickett's Charge 2 Set has this kind of pose wearing a hat with the upturned brim on the side; he's dead center row two. It would be nice to see one or two more with that style and also brim turned up in the front and even upturned in the front and back, kind of Cavalry style. I've always thought the Airfix Confederates had a certain charm in this regard, although I wish both of their Union and Confederates would have had a nicer mix of Kepis and Slouch Hats just like the Strelet's Masters do. Very, very nice!