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Quote: Cappy
The marching and advancing ACW sets are very good and surely needed. But please don't forget the shooters. Firing lines were an integral part of the civil war as both sides would line up and face each other and just fire away. Kneeling,standing and reloading figures hopefully with BAYONETS would be appreciated. All the upcoming sets are exciting for the hobby and I appreciate your hard work. This is just a suggestion for another future set down the line. Thank You! Cappy

FYI, if you have some time, go back to November 2016 (page 4 of the Forum), and just read all the Strelets responses to everyone's questions about their new ACW Range and you'll find they went into great detail. There are many threads, not just one, so be sure to check all of the subject lines for ACW. We were discussion heavily 1066 Hastings also in between. Strelets began with detailing ideas in their initial discussions for ACW in 2017 and 2018. This year, their initial releases will be marching and advancing with Officers and Bannermen, I believe just like their Nappy Highlander sets. If sales look encouraging, they will move on to attacking and firing poses (and I hope casualties) and more. I suggested making one set of Cavalry and running it in both Blue and Gray, and they were quite adamant about making original moulds for both. They indicated if there is enough support from us customers for ACW, like there was for the Crimean Range, they will continue to expand the Range. So get a big coffee and sandwich, and read all up and down November of 2016 (page 4 of the Forum) and you'll find some really exciting information giving us something to look forward to well into 2018 and beyond. - GC

P.S. I'm not trying to speak for Strelets. I was just so impressed with their level of enthusiasm and detailed efforts answering our questions then, we might miss something the second time around.

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